Brian Cober
  R.I.P 1956 - 2016

Brian Cober - Streetwise, Roadwise Blues

Brian Cober is the best friend that the slide guitar ever had. His invention of the Double Slide Guitar gives the slide a voice and range of capabilities that have never been released before and harnessed them to drive his own brand of streetwise, roadwise blues. He has captured the soul that makes one actually enjoy in a sympathetic way his confessions of heartbreaks and excesses. With his band The Nationals, Brian released 3 acclaimed CD's and backed up Bo Diddley, King Biscuit Boy, Johnny Winter, Jeff Healey and many others. When Nationals founding member Paul McNamara passed away in 2008, Brian began his solo career with a new CD "Real Far Gone". Since '08, he has played full time at clubs, Blues Society's, dances, private parties, and festivals including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Bluizo Natkys Festival in Lithuania, La Chute Fest, and toured in Israel in Feb. '11. First the listener is struck by the unique sight and sound of the Double-Slide. Then Brian's mastery of the instrument becomes obvious, along with his soulful vocals and great songwriting. Whenever, and for however many, Brian Cober is a unique and uplifting musical experience.

A Short List Of Important Gigs & Events

1971 — Frustrated lap steelist Brian invents Double Slide system of playing guitar!
1978 — First tour! Northern Quebec and Ontario with Terraplane Blues Band
1980 — Terraplane releases 45 "Move This Thing Around"
1980 — Terraplane plays first gigs with King Biscuit Boy (Richard Newell)
1983 — Terraplane headlines at The Coronet Hotel (large venue in Kitchener ON)
1983 — First Toronto gig at The Isabella
1986 — Forms The Nationals with Paul McNamara and Dave Colter
1987 — Halloween at The El Mocambo with Long John Baldry
1987 — Robert Johnson Tribute at Silver Dollar with Morgan Davis, Paul James
1990 — First gig at Grossmans
1991 — Nationals first of two tours backing up Bo Diddley
1992 — Open for Johnny Winter, James Cotton
1993 — Second tour with Bo Diddley
1994 — Begin hosting the Sunday jam session at Grossmans
1995 — Nationals tour Canada, including The Yale in Vancouver and NWT
1996 — Nationals release CD "Blue Howl"
1997 — Fly to Fort Providence NWT to play New Years Eve.
1998 — Hillside Festival, Guelph ON
1999 — Tour Finland with The Canada All-Stars, including Prakash John and Whitey Glan
2001 — Nationals release CD "Piece Of Wood"
2003 — Mariposa, Toronto
2004 — Tour Finland with Wild T and the Spirit
2005 — Nationals release CD "Double Slide"
2006 — Play first gigs with Steve Rowe in Montreal
2007 — Kensington Market Festival, Toronto
2008 — Montreal Jazz Fest (with Steve Rowe)
2010 — Release solo CD "Real Far Gone" 
2010 — Tour Lithuania with The Road Band
2011 — Tour Israel
2011 — Record in Austin with Ben Richardson and Tom Lewis